Role of Bulk SMS in SMS Marketing
25.06.2014 15:04

One of the fastest ways of reaching to your customers is text message or SMS. Since mostly people carry their cell phones with them everywhere, SMS is read within few minutes of being sent. Thus, SMS is a very effective and personal method to contact your customers especially bulk SMS. SMS messages are better with fewer text, which makes them the perfect source of  sending quick reminders, coupons and updates for SMS marketing.


SMS marketing is an easy and quick way to interact with customers. Today various SMS tools are available in the market for creating engaging mobile messages and send bulk SMS to your customers in no time. SMS messages can be customised as per your needs and convenience such as, merging your customers’ names, company names or any other details for personalising the messages. Day by day more and more people are conversing or communicating through SMS, and thus, making very less voice calls, especially the youth. Even if they are far away from each other, Increasingly people are having effective and interactive asynchronous conversations, through SMS.


We all know very well that there is a great awareness happening about how brands interact with their consumers like, from one-way, top-down communication, to an ongoing conversation between the brand and the consumer. Brands should listen to their consumers through SMS marketing rather than broadcasting messages. This helps brands in customising their  messages and products in order to satisfy their customers and thus, in return brands can receive feedbacks from their consumers on a range of topics, right from consumer’s experience of the service provided through bulk SMS Service, to their suggestions on how to improve the product further or how to use the product. Input can be responded to directly or published online and shared with the brand’s wider community.


Generally an SMS marketing required to be triggered through another channels such as TV advertisement, billboard or display advertisement. That is why it is very important to consider the  mobile marketing component at the outset of a campaign, while it is being designed, for ensuring this ongoing engagement. In fact, mobile marketing plays a big role in moving a marketing activity right from an isolated campaign to an active conversation with customers and potential customers, via a medium of their choice.


Other benefits of the mobile phone as a marketing channel are that these devices have become such an essential part of many people’s lives and even part of their identity. Moreover, the cost of sending bulk SMS protects the channel from the deluge of spam that we experience in emailing.


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